Glass Fish Garden Art

The online home of fused glass artist Isaiah W. Heyer.

Most of our glass fish can be made for garden art and for wall mount installations. We fabricate by hand the garden art hardware for each glass fish.

The Garden Stake

Our glass fish garden art comes with an approximate 10-inch metal stake (made by Steel Works: WELD STL - RND 3/16" Diameter). This length was chosen to help keep the cost of shipping low. Additionally, because we use a standard diameter metal rod as our garden stake, a custom length rod that fits your needs is available for purchase at most local hardware stores. We have seen them in lengths up to 4-feet. Therefore, all that is needed is a swap with no construction needed on your part.

Our Standard Glass Fish Garden Art Species

The following list is the current glass fish species we create as garden art. If the fish you are looking for is not listed or shown, please don't hesitate to ask us about your need, as we can most likely create one for you!

The list of glass fish and length:

Glass Salmon - 10-inches
Glass Sockeye Salmon in spawning colors.

Glass Trout - 9-inches
Glass Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout - Glass Rainbow Trout - Glass Golden Trout - Glass Brown Trout

Glass Bass - 10-inches
Glass Big Mouth Bass.

Glass Koi - 11-inches
Many color schemes for Glass Koi. Let us know yours!

Custom Fish
If you'd like a custom made glass fish please get in-touch with us!

The Process of Glass Fish Construction

Isaiah's glass fish take 4 to 6-days to create. Each glass fish undergoes four to six separate firings. The construction and the amount of time the glass is in the kiln during one separate firing, equates to 1-day.

The glass is cut by hand into a fish shape using a TOYO cutter tool and by saws with diamond blades. Torch work is also used in some pieces.

The glass fish have a 3D appearance by incorporating his clay ceramic forms which are created for each fish species. The glass is then fired over the ceramic clay mold (also known as glass slumping) to give the glass fish its final bowed shape.

Learn More about Glass Fusing

To learn more about the art of glass fusing, take a look at this short video on YouTube by the Corning Museum of Glass.

Our List of Glass Fish for Garden Art

Glass Brown Trout 9-inches

Glass Brown Trout

Glass Rainbow Trout 9-inches

Glass Rainbow Trout

Glass Koi (a) 11-inches

Glass Koi

Glass Koi (b) 11-inches

Glass Koi

Glass Sockeye Salmon - Male 10-inches

Glass Sockeye Salmon Male

Glass Sockeye Salmon - Female in orange 10-inches

Glass Sockeye Salmon Female

Glass Sockeye Salmon - Female in red 10-inches

Glass Sockeye Salmon Female

Glass Bass 11-inches

Glass Big Mouth Bass

Glass Koi (c) 11-inches

Glass Koi

Glass Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout 9-inches

Glass Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

Glass Golden Trout 9-inches

Glass Golden Trout


Projects are now on hold. Isaiah will be working on a Chinook (King) Salmon. The Chinook (King) Salmon will be wall-mountable or shown as a table-top piece. A ~21-inch Koi as a wall piece of art is also being developed. Due to moving these will be on hold.


Isaiah enjoys working with the natural assets of the environment--water and rock--to transform the ordinary backyard into a garden retreat tailored to the specific style of the homeowner. Consultations are available, as Isaiah will work with you to... Go to !


Isaiah works in the cellular communications industry. With hands-on experience with networks of multiple standards such as LTE, UMTS, GSM, WiMAX, and TCP / IP. Some past employers include AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile and the Idaho National Laboratory.